Noel (California)

“By far, the easiest assembly I’ve performed…I’ll be ordering another set this weekend.”

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Jared (Texas)

“I completed the install and it’s the best designed takedown I’ve seen. Haven’t fired the weapon yet but I’ll let you guys know.”

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J Woods (Missouri)

—At the Range—
After getting the hang of removing and installing the LEO Takedown, I confirmed Zero at 27 Meters and 250 Meters using two different loads. No sight adjustments were necessary. For testing the “Return to Zero” I fired 3 rounds, removed the barrel, reinstalled, and fired 3 more for 5 times. POI shift was negligible for CQB and standard rifle use. Both loads retained the same zero as before the LEO Takedown.

In conclusion, I would state that you guys have done a GREAT JOB with R&D of the LEO Takedown. The market NEEDS this. I am extremely happy with mine and I will show quite a few of my tactically proficient acquaintances. I am going to order another Barrel Coupling kit soon for my 7.62 AAC barrel.

Thank you very much for all that you do.

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