About the LEO Takedown

The LEO TakeDown is a revolutionary innovation in the tactical rifle industry.  Designed to retrofit existing MILSPEC AR-15, M-4 and M-16 rifles, the LEO TakeDown provides instant barrel removal, caliber swap and barrel length changes without tools, without fine motor skills and without wasting time.   Validated by active patrol officers, the LEO TakeDown expands the AR-15s usefulness as a tool to better serve and protect the public.

LEO TakeDown—The Evolution of AR Technology!

LEO TakeDown

About the LEO Sling Backpack

The LEO Sling Backpack is a modular, tactical sling, backpack designed to carry the LEO TakeDown modified AR-15.  Designed by law enforcement, for law enforcement, the LEO Sling Backpack doesn’t generate unwarranted concern among the public but ensures the law enforcement officer, special agent, or military user is never separated from his or her rifle.  This “soft approach” provides instant access and immediate deployment of the AR-15 rifle in under 20 seconds and has proven ideal for motorcycle, cruiser and foot patrol carry.   When escalation of force must be considered, the LEO Sling Backpack provides security planners the ability to pre-position rifles in a discreet and concealed manner.   Readiness is never sacrificed.  DISCREET CONCEALMENT AND RAPID DEPLOYMENT!

LEO Sling Backpack

LEO TakeDown, LLC

LEO TakeDown, LLC, specializes in innovation and product development for law enforcement and military equipment.  LEO Takedown, LLC, is a Georgia limited liability company.