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Advanced Barrel Change Technology to Rapidly Transform a Single Rifle.
Military Personnel

Military personnel require speed, reliability, and strength. LEO TakeDown arms your team with the most advanced, reliable barrel change technology. The LEO retrofits existing MILSPEC AR-15, M-4 and M-16 rifles – providing instant barrel removal, caliber swap and barrel length changes. Your teams can move from discreet carry to ready in seconds – with a quick snap to lock.

LEO TakeDown maximizes your rifle’s utility and capabilities – rapidly transforming a single rifle to support multiple missions and range of tactical applications. LEO TakeDown also offers a unique solution to safely store a rifle in confined areas while maintaining the ability to deploy within seconds. When space is an issue, there is no need to give up tactical advantage. The LEO allows its user to remain at the ready, regardless of the situation.

Strong, easy to use and reliable, when every second matters, trust LEO.

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LEO TakeDown’s patented and patent pending designs are high quality and constructed from military grade steel for durable performance every time.



When lives are at stake, there is no margin for error. LEO TakeDown is designed to last.



When seconds matter, LEO TakeDown’s innovative design speeds and simplifies barrel and caliber changes.



Designed by military and law enforcement professionals, we are gaining broad acceptance among customers as an exceptional product.

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TakeDown in Action.

Quickly Change Barrels and Calibers

With a quick snap to lock, LEO TakeDown simplifies barrel and caliber changes. No tools or fine motor skills required. Training is fast and your teams are ready to go.

Deploy Faster with Positive Locking

LEO TakeDown’s positive locking technology is patented in the US. It doesn’t require twisting the sights, latching hinges, or a semi-permanent barrel connection. Made from military grade steel, it is tough and reliable.

See LEO in Action

Proven in the field by active law enforcement teams, your patrols will move from discrete concealed carry to ready – in seconds.

LEO Sling Backpack

Carry your LEO TakeDown modified AR-15 in this tactical sling backpack. Ideal for motorcycle, cruiser and foot patrol carry, the backpack gives you instant access and immediate deployment.
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All necessary components to convert your stripped upper and barrel into a TakeDown upper. Ideal for those...
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This kit features a 7075 billet aluminum upper receiver equipped with the LEO Takedown Coupling, and...

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